For an athlete to return to play quickly we offer the most advanced return to play program. We offer the use of our Alter G ,Anti Gravity Treadmill and eventual use of turf for returning to running and play.

Unfortunately the insurance companies do not pay for extra high tech equipment we would like to use to move you along faster.  Therefore we are implementing the “Next Level Program” which allows you to pay a weekly fee of $45 to our Performance Center Company (Pro Sports Care of LI) which allows you to use the Performance Center & Turf and its associated equipment each session you come in.

Please do not feel obligated as your PT will continue with its present strengthening program.

But we like to offer the additional opportunity!

Any questions or to schedule a RTP appointment, email

Next Level Program Packages

Package Options

6 Weeks $270 (Weekly Fee $45)

12 Weeks $540 (Weekly Fee $45)

18 Weeks $810 (Weekly Free $45

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