Need an Outpatient Facility?

Whatever your outpatient rehabilitation therapy needs are, The Schwarz Institute will develop a specific plan of care to meet them.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy was developed to help patients with a wide variety of rehabilitative needs. Each patient receives a comprehensive initial assessment with home exercises provided.

Our dedicated staff works with each patient to develop a specific plan of care. This includes helping patients return to work, setting guidelines for recreational activities and fully maximizing a patient’s potential to improve their functional capacity.

Common Conditions Treated

  • Amputations
  •  Arthritis
  •  Cervical pain
  •  Fibromyalgia
  •  Joint replacements
  •  Neurological disorders
  •  Parkinson’s disease
  •  Post-surgical care
  •  Rheumatoid arthritis
  •  Spinal cord injuries
  •  Stroke
  •  Traumatic brain injury
  •  Upper and lower body injuries & pain
  •  Vestibular disorders

AlterG – Antigravity Treadmill

For seniors with an interest in active aging, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ system can change the way you live.

AlterG allows you to move, walk, run, build strength, and improve cardio conditioning in a comfortable, pain-free environment. Keep your body active without the risk of falling or impact stress injury.

TSI is devoted to supporting the physical as well as emotional aspects of your recovery!
For more information or to schedule appointments for your outpatient physical therapy needs, call us at: 516.798.9605