When it comes to physical therapy services, The Schwarz Institute (TSI) of Long Island is trusted by athletes and non-athletes alike for its commitment to providing compassionate, knowledgeable, highly-skilled strengthening and physical therapy services.

For nearly 20 years, The Schwarz Institute has brought its dedicated, one-on-one, customer-focused, physical therapy services to Long Island. With clean, open, modern facilities that offer technologically-advanced diagnostic and physical therapy equipment, TSI has the resources to enable your optimal recovery and peak performance.

Physical Therapy

Whether working with young patients or seniors to enhance mobility and build strength following orthopedic surgery, teaching patients with neurological deficits to walk again…

Athletic Performance

Athletes strive for peak performance and endurance that go far beyond the day-to-day strains and stresses of the non-athlete. Achieving that success need not involve unnecessary pain or injury…


DR. Andrews’s Video

Dr. Bill Schwarz has traveled to work with Dr. Andrews on Injury Prevention and will continue to share research to benefit our Student-Athletes.