Having a Total Joint Replacement can get your life back to “Where It Was” . It is important to maximize your function with a knowledgeable experienced staff that has been treating Total joint Replacements since 1999. A Rehabilitation Team that maximizes your flexibility, strength, and balance. We help you return to normal function.

Knee joints

Hip joints

Shoulder joints

Elbow joints

Ankle joints

What Our Rehab Team Focuses On:

  • Full Allowable/Available Joint Range of Motion
  • Full upper & Lower Extremity Strength
  • Balance Training (for those in need)
  • Consistent Care- Same Therapist each session.
  • Full ADL Training

What we do NOT let happen:

  • Scar Tissue Formation
  • Loss of Range of Motion

The Alter G Experience:

Need help walking?

Our weightless treadmill can help you. A patient is stabile. Once in the device there is no chance of loss of balance. We can unweight you to as low as 20% of your body weight.

Balance and ADL Training

Some patients require some extra time for Balance and Activities of Daily Living (ADL). We have spots designated for treatment with a balance specialist to help you regain your previous function. This may include:

  • Balance Exercises
  • Gait Exercises
  • Parallel Bars
  • Alter G
  • Balance Machines

Arthritis Information


Come down and ask questions about:

  • Arthritis
  • Total Joint Surgery and Rehabilitation.
  • Balance Training

One on One Therapy

  • Use of Anti-Gravity Treadmill
    A patient can be unweighted to as low as 20% of their body weight without risk of falling
  • Same Therapist Every Session
  • Avoid Scar Tissue Formation
  • Balance Therapy
  • Gait Training